Raiders from the north

11 months ago Abhjit Sengupta 0

Raiders from the North is the first book in a series of 6 books penned by Alex Rutherford.The first volume revolves around the story of Babur, heir to the ruler of Ferghana, Umar Shiekh,descended from the legendary Tamburlaine, the Moghuls rose out of Central Asia in the sixteenth century. Raiders from the North tells the astounding story of their young king, who led his warriors against rampaging armies and ruthlessly ambitious enemies to found an empire that would dominate the continent.The book tells us how Babur  from his childhood battles both foreign enemies and treachery from within his own court and family. The book tells us the story how Babur repeatedly struggles to retain Samarkand, the ancestral capital of his family, repeatedly losing and recapturing it from his nemesis the Uzbek warlord Shaibani Khan. Babur’s final seizure of Samarkand is rejected by the city’s Sunni population due to the conspicuous aid of the Shiite Persians in his restoration, and he is eventually forced to abandon his ancestral homelands in Central Asia for new conquests in Hindustan.

The Graphic and racy style of writing. The author brings history alive, and wonderfully captures the the trials and tribulations of Babur as well as his solitude.Full of action, drama, and character, with epic battles, incredible journeys, and lives ravaged by treachery, this is the perfect book for fans of fast-paced tales of adventure during some of the most tumultuous eras in history.